Sunday 8th July

The oldest building in Hornsey, Hornsey Church Tower, first mentioned in the 13th century, provides the stunning backdrop for our more unplugged day. Bring a blanket and a picnic or some food from the local eateries and enjoy an eclectic mix of music from singer-songwriters - folk to indie to blues to jazz ending with some swingtime serenading.

12:30 pm

Tim O’Connor

Tim O'Connor is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Tottenham, London who plays emotive indie/folk music influenced by The Beatles, REM, Elliott Smith, The Byrds, Shack, Neil Young, The Stone Roses, The Kinks, The Smiths and much more besides.


After a spell in a band, Tim is recording his solo album for release via BandCamp, and a debut EP called 'Promotional Material' was released on April 29th; It’s a collection of demos and live recordings, and serves as a dry run for the album. Tracks 'My Name Is Fire', and 'Love Seeks No Easy Way Out' have received airplay on Readifolk Radio, Acoustic Yard,, Pull The Plug podcast, Wandsworth Radio, and Shoreditch Unsigned.



Facebook: timoconnortunes
Twitter: @timplayslive


1:00 pm

Luke Fairhead

Luke Fairhead is a Folk/Americana singer, songwriter based in North London. His debut EP 'Acquaintances' was released in 2014 and he is currently working his 2nd EP due to be released later this year. His songwriting draws influences from artists such as Frank Turner, Bright eyes, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan & Laura Marling.  Website:

1:30 pm

Alisha Sufit

Alisha Sufit was the singer songwriter with the band Magic Carpet, which released an album of the same name in the 1970s on the Mushroom label. The album is now a sought after collectable. Alisha writes her own songs, self accompanied on guitar and Appalachian dulcimer. British guitarist Davey Graham wrote: ‘Her voice, full of love, soars and swoops, her lyrics full of keen observation and tender comment.’ Alisha released three other recordings – Love and The Maiden, Alisha Through The Looking Glass, Once Moor / Magic Carpet II, plus still to be released Alisha’s Cellar. Soundcloud: FaceBook:


2:00 pm

Davy Flats

A mediocre drummer by trade, Davy Flats’ first dalliance into the music industry was in 2008, when he formed The Coonics with three childhood friends. After releasing a number of well received singles and an album, the band took a break and Davy relocated from the west of Ireland to north London where he started writing his first songs at the age of 32. Described as charming and erudite indie-pop, Davy’s songs tend to be observations on contemporary topics such as Brexit, dating apps, infidelity, boredom and food fads. Currently recording his debut album, Davy has released several successful singles to date including ‘Avocado’ and ‘Snowflakes’.



A short song about nostalgia and consumerism; 'Avocado’, refers to an ever-growing herd of people in 2018 with a champagne taste on a lemonade budget, and those who are genuinely concerned with supporting Fair Trade coffee shops from Monday to Friday but are less concerned where their Class As come from at the weekend. Added to various UK radio playlists (including Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music, and John Kennedy Radio X), Avocado is an anthem for anyone who turns their back on bourgeois aspirations and is content with living a simple life.



Following the EU referendum result in 2016, Davy noticed the subsequent fallout between London and the rest of the UK and he quickly penned ‘Snowflakes’, a song which Steve Lamacq described as "the sort of thing that might have tickled John Peel's fancy".



2: 30 PM

Stephen Evans

Crouch End musician bringing Americana inspired rock and blues to Hornsey Music Festival. SoundCloud: Twitter: @sevans_music

3:00 pm

Ekim Hatter

Local singer/songwriter Ekim Hatter writes and performs what could be characterised as “original, contemporary folk ballads” in a modern idiom, accompanied by fingerstyle guitar. Thought provoking lyrics, interspersed with instrumental solo guitar pieces and an occasional “cover” version mixed in, just for fun. SoundCloud: YouTube: FaceBook:



3:30 pm

TOC (The Open Choir)

We are a community improvisation choir, performing locally in the Crouch End area to family, friends and neighbours. We create improvised vocal music together, both in the moment of the performance and through devising in rehearsals. Jenni Roditi leads through directed conducting and by giving bare bones musical instructions on which we build new pieces spontaneously. The members of the choir are explorers and risk takers who ‘go for it’ with their voices, trusting the spirit and the conductor together will bring the ship home to harbour safely – no matter what the waves on the ocean of improvisation bring up! It’s a joyful noise, a discreet hum and rollocking romp, a sweet lament… and so much more. Website:

4:00 pm

Oh what a lovely war?

Following on from their recent successful show HPC Productions bring you a selection of songs from the show. Oh What A Lovely War is a musical satire reacting to the First World War but also relating to the topic of war in general. It was staged this year to mark the centenary of the end of the 'Great War,' the 'war to end all wars.'

4.30 pm

Catherine Earnshaw & storywheel

Primarily an unaccompanied traditional folk singer, Catherine Earnshaw has guested on Paul Mosley’s epic Folk Opera, The Butcher, and also performs as a guest singer with storywheel, where traditional British folk songs meet the Middle East and North Africa with both surprising and beguiling results. “I think of folk songs like incantations, archetypes that have been sung millions of times in countless forms by thousands of people. I like to think this makes them magic, with the ability to transport you through time, to conjure a moment, person and place. Folk songs belong to everyone, but if you listen very closely, they can tell you in that moment that they only belong to you.”


Keith Clouston aka storywheel studied oud (Arab lute) in Tunisia. He has performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD, as well as making numerous TV and radio appearances including the BBC’s ‘Later with Jools Hollands’ and Radio 4’s ‘Loose Ends’. He has also toured internationally including Europe, India, the USA, Mexico and Brazil. Since early 2017 he has been working with Catherine Earnshaw on combining Middle Eastern and North African oud accompaniment approaches with traditional British folk music.



“Middle East music with the English folk tradition and it really really works” – Rick Stuart, Roots And Fusion, Pure FM

“I really like that… it’s got a great feel to it” – Mike Harding, Mike Harding Folk Show

“unusual fusion of the English song tradition and Middle-Eastern rhythms” – Shelley Rainey, Bright Young Folk


5:00 PM

AlmC _ a

AlmC_a is a locally based singer songwriter who plays guitar and ukulele depending on the mood of the occasion. The songs range from upbeat musings on life today to the darker side of the folk tradition. AlmC_a plays bass in the Ifsoband and lead guitar in Zyxomma. Soundcloud:

17.30 pm

Swingtime Serenders

Swinging Jazz from the '20s and '30s on sax,clarinet, tuba and vintage guitar, featuring the classy vocals of Ms Peta Webb. Website:

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